The reasons why your baby would not sleep

The reasons why your baby would not sleep

There are times when your baby is really irritating you and would not like to sleep even though you are really tired and sleepy and would like some rest. Now why won’t your baby sleep? Here are some reasons that can be concluded

The confusion of day and night

Babies are small and tiny people who need maximum amount of rest – whether it is day or night. However, sometimes, they may be confused about day and night and they are yet to get accustomed to the sleep cycle. In the first few weeks or months, newborns tend to mix up their days and nights and thus do not sleep and thus they end up being cranky and would not let you sleep either. This is what is the problem in the first few months.

Your baby is hungry

Your baby tends to feed at regular intervals in the first two months. You would feed your baby and by the time you are sleepy, you would find that you suddenly have to wake up and feed her again. This is the biological clock that is working at the moment. Apart from this, another reason is that, mother’s milk is light and is easily digested and thus your baby may wake up, feeling hungry again. A moms Oxytocin and prolactin hormones increase at night, which helps her to produce more milk, so that she can feed her baby more frequently.

Young to sleep by themselves

Small babies cannot sleep on their own. They need to be sung a lullaby or cradled in their mummy’s lap to sleep. Young babies cannot self soothe and thus they cannot sleep on their own. By the time they are around 3-4 months, they tend to suck their fingers, pull their ears and hair and also suck their mother’s milk till they go to sleep.

Your baby is really tired and cranky

If your baby is really tired and cranky, then he tends to become more hyperactive. This prohibits him to sleep well. Your child needs some calm and quiet time to sleep well without any kind of disturbance. Over stimulation affects your babies need to sleep. When you see your baby rubbing her eyes or her ears, or not looking at you, you would know that this is the right time to pat her and put her into bed.

Your baby is going through a developmental phase

There are times when your baby is going through a developmental phase. This can last from either a day to even a week or months as well. Most of the parent reports a sleeping problem at this time. This is the time when your baby would require that extra comfort from you as they go through this phase.
These are some of the reasons why your baby would not sleep.You need to try and make him sleep even if he is unwilling and that is what shows your credibility as a mother.

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