The best ways to calm a crying baby

calm a crying baby

Babies are small, innocent and cute little people who have just entered into this world and it would take some time for them to speak up and express their problems. Till they learn how to speak, the best way they can express themselves is by crying. Now how can you calm and console crying babies? Read on to know more.
Babies usually cry when they are trying to indicate something. There are several reasons why they may cry and as a parent, you would need to understand and identify the right reasons of a crying baby and console him accordingly. Parents who are first timers may face a little problem at the beginning but would gradually learn. Here are some ways in which you can console a crying baby if you identify the problems

Hunger pangs

Babies who are very small need proper food and nutrition to grow up. This is the phase when they are continually growing and their bodies require a constant supply of food and nutrition. Small babies just feed on their mother’s milk, which is easily digestible and does not stay for long. Thus, they tend to feel hungry at all times. Mothers need to identify the time when her baby is hungry and feed them once again. Some babies cry loud and create a fuss and also send hunger signals before they are hungry. You would need to slowly take them on your lap, speak softly to them, strokes their cheek and then console them before giving them food.

When their diapers have turned too dirty

Some babies are known to be really sensitive and they make a huge cry and fuss if their diapers are wet or if they have pooed. If you see your baby crying, then the first thing is checking their diapers. You immediately need to change the diaper before they start crying hard and loud.

When they are sleepy

Babies also cry when they are very sleepy and cannot sleep on their own. They become cranky and irritated, but at the same time cannot sleep on their own. Sleeping is the best thing for babies. It helps them to rest and rejuvenate once again. It is important that if your baby cries, take him to a dark and silent room and sings him a lullaby and he would fall asleep very easily.

When babies would like to be secure

Babies need to be cuddled at frequent intervals. They need to be close to their parents, need to feel their warmth and also need to be talked at. A crying baby signifies that he is uncomfortable and wants to be held firmly to your chest so that he feels the warmth and the comfort.

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