Introducing the first solid foods to your baby

first solid foods

Your baby is still small and his digestive system is not yet as developed enough to have your kind of food that includes roughage, spices and herbs. Thus, it would take a little time for your baby to get used to the foods that you eat. Babies have mothers milk for the first six months after which solids that be gradually introduced.
Read this article to know how to introduce the first solids to your little one.

When your baby is still small

At about 4- 6 months, your baby is slowly learning to control his movements and he has learnt to sit up and roll around. His stomach is still not developed enough for outside food, however he would show an interest towards the food that you eat. Babies should be fed solely on milk and not even water till they are six months old. Once your baby crosses the six month age limit, Start giving him a little bit of boiled water and home made foods that can be easily digested

 Introducing the first solids

The first solids should be introduced with great care and vigilance. Always try and introduce food that offers more nutrition along with vitamins and minerals. This can be either the soup of lentils, mashed rice, and vegetable stew that is mashed well. One thing that you should be aware of is whether your baby is allergic to food. Since you are staring new, give him little at a time and see his reaction. Let him digest the food and ask for more. You can also try different flavours such as a little but of salt, a little bit of sugar as well. However ensure that your baby’s food does not comprise of too much of salt, as it is not good for their health.

Formula food

Apart from home made cooked food, you can also feed your baby formula milk. The formula milk acts as a good substitute for solid food. If you ever feel that your baby is still hungry, you can always give him formula milk or diluted fruit juices like orange, apple and pomegranate at the beginning.

The best time to feed your baby

Start feeding your baby with solids once in a day at the beginning. The preferable time is he morning. Start with a banana. Slowly, introduce lunch with mashed lentil soup and white mashed rice. After your baby has grown up to around 8 months- 1 year, feed him with half boiled eggs, papaya, mangoes, or bananas. Your baby may have grain allergies as well. Slowly feed your baby with chicken soup and little fish flesh that does not have bones. They would substitute for the protein in the body. You can also start with vegetables like carrots, beetroot, mashed beans, and potatoes.

Preparing your babies food

Do not add any kind of sweeteners or too much salt or herbs in your baby’s food. Avoid honey and corn syrup, and even chocolates, as it is bad for your baby. Give home made fruit juices and not from the packed juices. If you feel that your baby has a diarrhea or a diaper rash, then see which food is causing the allergy by permutation and combination.

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